FOSS+beer 025: Clever Name

Github Terms of Service | more IoT talk | Gravity Brewing | Spherical video camera


Gravity Brewing

  • In Louisville, started in 2010, opened in Aug 2012
  • Mark and Boups have been there – share building with American Legion Post, back two-thirds are rented to brewing and food-truck, but inside with some interesting food by Gastronauts
  • Started by a couple graduates of CU-Boulder’s School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Good variety of beers, but we’ll get to that later


Github: revised Terms of Service @ 18′ in

  • Github updated their Terms of Service
  • Interesting changes to IP section (which we have generally talked about before)
  • Mark has been living in an Atlassian planet
  • License grant (instead of just “fork”) now included, but does this actually mean much more than use of the service?
  • What about contributions and the inbound license? Does Github’s new section on this “solve” this…


@ 58′ in

  • After our last recording, we got tweet from Miriam:
    @FOSSbeer Feedback: I listened. You outnerded yourselves! Keep reading @internetofshit. It was a very enjoyable “Lachflash” you had there
  • checked in with the latest from @internetofshit and what “smart” home apps Boups has

Nerd & Tell:

Garmin Virb 360 @ 1:06 in

  • More bike speak for a bit about videoing bike rides (yawn), mostly in Italy by Mark
  • Full specs here
  • Spherical lens camera that produces 4k spherical video
  • Marks used it recently on a road cycling descent while doing the Tour of (windy) Wyoming, which, by the way is the 10th largest state by size, but has less than 600,000 population.  (Crazy video will be linked here when edit is done).
  • Jilayne’s gratuitous link to most awesome bike video:


Gravity Brewing @ 1:18:45 in

  • Mendacious Belgian Blonde/Golden – Award winning and deceivingly drinkable Belgian-Style Golden Strong. 8.1% ABV  28 IBU
  • Corner Store Imperial Malt Lager – Dry Hopped Imperial Lager (Malt Liquor) with Citra, Mosaic, Falconers Flight and Zythos hops. Collaboration with Kettlehouse Brewing, Missoula, MT. 9.5% ABV  20 IBU. It’s a “craft forty”; they serve it to you in a paper bag if you go to the tap room
  • Orange Blossom Saison Saison/Farmhouse Ale – Belgian-Style Saison brewed with orange blossom honey. 6.8% ABV  28 IBU
  • Funky Gomodina Brett Golden Ale – Brett Golden Ale Aged in Oak. Mosaic & Citra Hops. 7% ABV
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