FOSS+beer is a radio show featuring informal and potentially irreverent discussions about the intersection of the law with technology and open source software. We will also discuss tools and tips for technology, preferably of the open source variety, that can be used in the practice of law.  Although two of us are lawyers, we aim to not sound (too much) like them and rely on our third co-host to keep the balance.  Broadcast from the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, each episode we feature and enjoy a Colorado craft beer, because there is a lot of good beer here and, well, geeky law topics are much more interesting when alcohol is involved.

Disclaimers and warnings:
  • FOSS+beer does not provide nor does anything in this podcast constitute legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should hire a lawyer.
  • The opinions and views expressed in these podcasts are our own and are in no way reflective or related to any of our past, present, or future employers or organizations with which we are affiliated.
  • This podcast may contain foul language (sorry, Dad), please do not listen if you find such language offensive.