Mark DonaldMark Donald’s formal technology training started with a beginning TRS-80 BASIC class, received for his 12th birthday, despite not owning an actual computer.  He interned by staying up all night typing Atari BASIC programs from magazines into a pal’s 800 one summer.  Mark’s non-technical formal training includes things like accounting and law and some agreeable places gave him degrees in those things.

Mark has worked in dual roles as a lawyer and legal technologist ever since, primarily in in-house roles.  Mark frequently presents on topics relating to software use in law practice.  Mark’s open source project ( is dedicated to building on existing projects to make them useful to (and easy enough for) use in law practice.  Currently, Mark is providing technology, knowledge management, work-flow and licensing consulting to a variety of clients and considering another in-house job.

When not on conference calls or banging on a keyboard like a monkey, Mark likes business related antiques, old viewmasters and projectors, fussing over ICC profiles and color management, playing computer games (badly), racing road bikes (slowly) and time-trialing (acceptably). +Beer.


Jilayne Lovejoy

In various pre-law school lives, Jilayne Lovejoy interviewed research subjects for an adolescent substance abuse study, made hats (called Lovejoy Lids), designed websites, was a personal trainer, worked at a culinary school, and ran a large grassroots women’s cycling club. During most of that time, she raced her mountain bike at the not-very-well-paid professional level. Jilayne credits the experiences and people she’s met through cycling (whether they want the credit or not) for some of life’s most important lessons.

Jilayne’s interest in intellectual property law stemmed from the belief that it is where law and the creative arts intersect. By a twist of fate, she found herself immersed in the (legal) world of open source software and has never looked back. Jilayne participates in various open source industry groups, including co-leading the legal team for the Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX), a Linux Foundation workgroup. Currently, Jilayne provides consulting services related to open source software policy considerations and license compliance in order to reduce barriers to open source software adoption.

The rest of the time, Jilayne may be found riding her bicycle(s) off-road, baking her world-famous baguettes, trying to remember how to play the piano, and can occasionally be spotted taking beer hand-ups in local cyclocross races.

Boups the Beerman

A bastion of style and connoisseur of beer, Boups the Beerman brings some balance to FOSS+beer insuring that Jilayne and Mark don’t get too serious about this legal stuff. While his expertise might be all-things-hops, he occasionally reveals glimpses of his inner geek and clues to his true identify…