FOSS+beer 024: And we’re back

Where have we been? | High Hops Brewery | Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator


High Hops Brewery
High Hops Brewery

  • Family business, brewery opened in 2012, first brewery in Windsor, Colorado
  • “grew” out of Windsor Gardener business, home brewing, and hops shortage of 2006
  • They have a lot of beers with an impressive rotating tap list
  • Brewery news: Big Choice is moving to Brighton… into a building that was previously a Zen Buddhist temple


Where have we been? (@ 6′ in)

  • What have we been up to since we last recorded…
  • Irods object-rule oriented data storage system, someone he works with has done a Go implementation called GoRods, may have more to come
  • Jilayne has done a couple keynote talks since last year!
  • Collaboration Beyond Code @ LinuxCon Europe in Berin, Oct 2016. Jilayne introduced OpenChain project official launch. OpenChain specification and curriculum slides all available there.
  • We talk about lawyers collaborating (or not)
  • Jilayne gave collaborative project updates on SPDX, FOSSology, and OpenChain @ Open Source Leadership Summit in Tahoe, Feb 2017. You can see Jilayne’s talk here at about 7′ in
  • Mark’s new favorite Twitter feed is @internetofshit, which chronicles really bad internet of things items
  • Boups wants Alexa. Recent episode of Lawyer 2 Lawyer talked about what is recorded and what can be accessed later (as evidence).
  • Probably too late for a year in review for 2016, but thought this was a nice recap
  • Mark’s thoughts on the JSON license that has a clause that says you can do good, not evil…
  • More rambling and then we found the catware license


(@ 44′ in)

Nerd & Tell:

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (@ 46′ in)

  • Mark’s Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator – arcade cabinet that Mark made with Danish oak and brass fixtures (and a cup holder)
  • More geekdom on “retro” video games
  • Boups was playing Astro-Blaster from 1981
  • MAME is GPL. ROM and most emulators are usually not open source
  • Some musing on copyright and video games
  • Learn the favorite video game of both Boups and Mark’s grandmothers

Beer (again):

High Hops Brewery

  • The Honeyed One – an American red, 7.1% ABV, 27 IBUs
  • The Power of Zeus – an American pale ale, 7% ABV, 69 IBUs
  • The Dark One – a devilishly delicious milk stout, 6.5% ABV, 46 IBUs
  • Dr. Pat’s Double IPA – double India pale ale, 8.6% ABV, 96 IBUs
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