FOSS+beer 023: FOSS… trademarks!

FOSS and trademarks | Guest: Pam Chestek | FreeFileSync | 1950 Milliammeter | Crooked Stave Artisans beer


Crooked Stave

  • Taproom located at The Source in Denver’s North River District (aka Rino) with production at their location at 46th & Pecos (used to have taproom there too) focus on sour beer
  • Started in 2011, brewing at Funkwerks, then relocated brewing to Denver at Prost, then its own 20-barrel house
  • They have their own distribution company: Crooked Stave Artisans Distribution and distribute other cool beers as well (not just from Colorado), nationwide. Our guest, Pam, found them in North Carolina; said they are slowly growing, so keep an eye out in your area!


Guest: Pam Chestek, (@ 7′ in)

  • Read about Pam and her law firm, Chestek Legal and her blog, Property, Intangible
  • Pam’s geek story began with a scoring program as the bowling secretary…
  • Pam helped create which is a website providing practical advice on trademarks for free software developers and FOSS projects. Project was a collaborative project itself among trademark lawyers who work in free software representing US and Europe perspectives.
  • FOSS presents the challenge of balancing sharing with legal interests of protecting the mark.
  • What do you have to do as a trademark owner? What do you have to consider when it comes to consumer confusion? How do you choose a name? (Jilayne may have gotten her name this way.) See for answer to these questions and more! (but not the part about how Jilayne got her name)
  • Theory behind trademark law is consumer protection – different than copyright and patent, but these concepts get confused
  • Also check out the Model Trademark Guidelines for free software communities



  • Huge shout-out and thanks to Chris, a lawyer in Toronto for his very nice email wishing Mark well

Nerd & Tell:

Milliammeter (@ 49:42 in)

  • Calibrated last in 1950 and from the Sensitive Research Instrument company out of Mt Vernon, NY
  • Mark needs to figure out something cool to do with this piece of wood
  • Segue into Commodore trademark history and the other usual random stuff…

Tech Tip:

FreeFileSync (@ 1:01:45 in)

  • What is it/what does it do? Intelligently backs up/synchronizes files and folders as per your demands
  • Under what license? GPL-3.0
  • Who might use it? Anyone who wants to back up files… Even has translations of documentation in a tablet-full-screen of languages
  • What does Boups think of it? Love it. Mark gives it two thumbs up

Beer (again):

Crooked Stave (@ 1:07:45)

  • Colorado Wild Sage – brett saison, brewed with white sage and lemongrass, 7.2% ABV
  • Progenitor – dry hopped golden sour ale, ancestral form from which others are derived, 6.2% ABV
  • Vielle artisanal saison, artisanal ale aged in oak barrels, 4.2% ABV
  • Select #1 IPA – only beer available in growler to go (at this point in time)
  • Petite Sour Blueberry – mixed fermentation ale aged in oak with blueberries, 5.3% ABV
  • Motif Reserva – mixed fermentation Beligian-style dark ale aged in Leopold Brothers whiskey barrels, but a really strong sour
  • Pam makes everyone jealous with the fact that she has 4 breweries within blocks from her house

Note: while you may not be able to tell, we experienced some technical sound difficulties during the recording of this podcast, so huge thanks to our guest for being so patient!

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