FOSS+beer 020: Digital Citizenship

Open Source (Legal) Education? | iPad Pro | alternativeTO | Wonderland Brewing


Wonderland Brewing

Wonderland Brewing

  • Mark has a resolution for 2016 to be less of a hoarder
  • Opened in May 2014, see Westword article
  • Took over super large space with ping-pong games, and beer-pong, as well as a backyard area, basketball courts, etc.
  • Mark and Boups debate what constitutes beer pong (guess who “wins” this debate…)
  • 12 beers on tap, no guest beers, you can get 2oz sampler of all
  • From their website, “We think of beer as therapy for the soul” and “our goal is to turn every frown upside down”
  • Rant on “you have to be 21 to enter this website” which doesn’t always work on mobile platform
  • You can get their beer in Crowlers (we discussed this in Episode 9) from Oskar Blues
  • Beer in Crowler lasts longer than a growler
  • Bomber = 22oz bottle; Growler = usually 32 or 64oz, glass or stainless stell, you can get filled from brewery to go
  • See how the crowler gets sealed here


IP Law / Open Source education for developers / engineers (@ 20:45 in)

  • Jilayne’s general observation that developers and engineers by and large do not get any training on IP law or legal issues as pertains to softare
  • Asked open source colleagues about this and summary of responses was that some programs exist at university level, possibly more at the graduate level
  • If you could design a curriculum, what would it include? Who/what degrees should it be required for? What is the goal?
  • Universities steeped in concept of sharing, so should it also teach the legal framework around sharing?
  • Maybe everyone should lean about “digital citizenship”; these issues are front and central for everyone
  • Mark also wants everyone to have some basic accounting knowledge!
  • Jilayne’s “crash course” would include overview of IP law and different rights that cover software; copyrightability; what are licenses…
  • Open source software is an advanced topic
  • Would it make a difference? Would this help employers?
  • Maybe more critical for hiring differentiator for product managers or architects, than developers
  • This whole hypothetical started when Jilayne came across a new coding school in Boulder – subject matter all based on OSS technologies, but probably not covering legal/licensing aspects? Jilayne did reach out to Girl Develop It to see if they wanted input

Nerd & Tell:

  (@ 55:00 in)

  • Beer trivia moment!!
  • Jilayne plays around with an iPad Pro and then (finally) upgrades her personal mobile phone…
  • Mostly a consumptive device, probably not really optimal for productivity work
  • Her view on both and Mark chimes in on his view of iPad Pro use-case and phone choices
  • Mark has been interested in software defined radio (SDR), and got a NooElec NESDR Mini SDR & DVB-T USB Stick – Mark to report back on how he ends up using it
  • Boups and Mark both like to listen to police/fire scanners

Tech Tip:

alternativeTO (@ 1:16:00 in)

  • What is it/what does it do? Website that list alternatives to other software and alternatives for ability to work with different file formats across different platforms
  • Under what license? It’s a website you can use. Your search can filter by type of license
  • Mark & Jilayne have used it as well. Unclear as to how up-to-date it is, but good starting point
  • Boups was looking for alternative for Vizio (Mark has found Dia to this end)
  • MagCozyMark’s hardware tip is a MagCozy for Macbook Pro MagSafe 1 to MagSafe 2 adapter with tab so you don’t lose it. Just make sure you adapt from same or higher power to lower power.
  • Mark rants on un-supported scanners/printers that work fine but no longer have updated drivers

Beer (again):

 Wonderland Brewery (@ 1:31:30)

  • Alice Belgian Blonde: (cans) spicey Belgian blonde; good summer day beer: 5.2% ABV – 16.5 IBU
  • Dubbel: (crowler) malt base, notes of toffee and caramel, aged in French toasted oaks: 6% ABV – 14.2 IBU
  • Amber Ale: (crowler) based on a lager style in Germany known as a Martzn: 5.3% ABV – 21 ABV
  • Hoptail IPA: (crowler) aroma of grapefruit and citrusy lemon, piney flavor throughout the beer 6.6% ABV – 85 IBU
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Cat’s Pajamas: (bomber) Beligan dopple weizen, part of barrel series: 7.5% ABV – 29 ABV
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