FOSS+beer 019: Advanced nerd and tell

OpenChain w/special guest: Dave Marr | beer trivia | Epic Brewing


Epic Brewing
Epic Brewing

  • Started by two co-founders when change in Utah law in 2008 allowed them to pursue their dream of opening a brewery; began in Salt Lake City with 6 fermentation tanks
  • Successful right away; in 2013 expanded to open location in Denver, which allowed space to support national distribution, expansion of the popular barrel aged beer program and the introduction of a line of sour beers
  • And, it’s the FOSS+beer 2nd anniversary!


Guest: Dave Marr, from Qualcomm, talking about OpenChain (@ 4′ in)

  • A bit on Dave’s background and how he ended up in the (legal) world of open source software, as well as other interests including… wait for it… mountain biking!
  • Boups gets confused with the other Mr. Marr
  • Fixing the (open source) software supply chain via OpenChain: Dave explains the chain of custody of software and how each link ends up having redundant re-work along the way due to a lack of transparency in processes of those upstream from you.
  • We talked about OpenChain and managing open source software in episode 016
  • If only we lived in a world where everyone did their diligence in a way that is roughly consistent, then we can begin to trust…
  • Star Wars interlude – Dave’s advice: go see it before someone spoils it for you!
  • To increase trust: must have policy, process, and that is known to people who need to follow it and those people are educated as needed. Certification or validation that someone has these components in place; OpenChain will have self-certification for now.
  • Mark asked who does it impact most? If in middle of distribution chain – care about not wasting time and not doing same work over and over again, ability in being able to trust people upstream. Person most benefited is final distributor to end-user.
  • Digression on old computer stores that don’t exist anymore… can you name others?
  • Dave gives us some farming advice and explains how ones goes from agriculture to law school.
  • OpenChain is in process of forming governing board, formalize the OpenChain project under Linux Foundation umbrella, with orgs that can influence supply chains and benefit; and people who are already sophisticated on OSS
  • OpenChain builds on work that Ibrahim Haddad did when worked at the Linux Foundation
  • OpenChain reference model is organized with 6 goals and supporting practices, which we walk through and discuss
  • To participate in OpenChain: join the mailing list and ask to be added to invite for bi-weekly calls,  edit the standard on the open Etherpad (link above) – just make a note of your edits and join the next call to explain your edits

Nerd & Tell:

Christmas gift! (@ 1:11 in)
Beer Nerd game

  • Jilayne has a gift (that will keep on giving) for Mark and Boups!

Beer (again):

Epic Brewing (@ 1:18 in)

  • Dave had a mentor who trained him on his beerology, specialzing in Belgians, but likes all kinds
  • Brainless Belgian-style Golden: from elevated series. Mark thinks of it as a beginner-style; a base-beer they take and do other things with…
  • Smoked and Oaked: from exponential series. Dave had this one. Strong caramel-y flavor, then smoke hits you.
  • Mark LOVES the Sour Apple Saison, which we did not sample
  • Brainless on Raspberries: from exponential series. Yum!
  • Utah Sage Saison: from exponential series. Very good!
  • Copper Cone Pale Ale: from elevated series. A bit less strong (!) at 7.4% ABV. Mark thinks it’s delightful.
  • Imperial IPA: from exponential series. Lightly hoppy, but not too much so
  • Big Bad Baptist: from exponential series. Imperial stout; very chocolatey, not too heavy, 12.5% ABV. Boups is in love.
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