FOSS+beer 017: Two bits to see the bearded lady!

LinuxCon Europe | Odoo re-licensing debacle | Brewing tips from Boups | FOSSology | 4 Noses Brewing


4 Noses Brewing Company

  • located in Broomfield by family of 4 who got inspired whilst in Ireland; opened May 2014
  • Jilayne considers particular parts of Broomfield as “the suburban Bermuda Triangle”
  • Some distribution, in cans in the area
  • Have several categories of beers, including a barrel-aged series
  • Mark give us an update on his travels (and related beer drinking)


LinuxCon Europe (Jilayne’s presentation) & Odoo Re-licensing debacle (@ 11:50 in)

Jilayne at LinuxCon Europe

  • Jilayne was at LinuxCon Europe in Dublin, including a visit to the Guinness Storehouse
  • Jilayne gave a talk called, “Developers Care About the License: Using SPDX to identify the license”. Slides can be found here. Might have been recorded, if so, will add link later.
  • Despite many empty seats, 50-60 people showed up!
  • General theme was that if developers care about sharing code, then there needs to be license info in each file, because needing to look for this code is not a good use of time
  • Be like the Apache Software Foundation and the FSF: put copy of license in top-level directory and notice on every file!!
  • What tools can developers use to make this easy? 2 aspects of SPDX could help: use SPDX License List short identifiers in the files or provide an SPDX document with your project
  • Mark acts out the difference between all SPDX and mandatory SPDX fields
  • Eric Raymond blogged about the idea of using the SPDX identifiers

Odoo re-licensing (@ 32:00 in)

  • We talked about Odoo on episode 013 – AGPLv3 licensed, ERP solution, lots of out-of-the-box functionality
  • Got VC funding in early 2014, now what’s going to happen?
  • Review of licensing scenario: same codebase available under AGPLv3 or could purchase an enterprise “license” and get a “commercial exception” + support
  • Other oddities of project: Poor documentation; “real customers” were not end-users, but third parties implementing customizations and selling training, etc.
  • License change as of version 9: to LGPLv3 and open core model with key features reserved for enterprise version. New commercial terms are term license. Can’t contribute unless agree to re-license
  • Discussion about open core is an exercise in line-drawing, have to do it right (if that’s possible) – usually feature set nearly identical and user-experience identical, Mark likes the Alfresco as a good example
  • Odoo has not drawn the lines well.. Mark predicts a hostile fork
  • Bradley Kuhn, in a blog post about software freedom (or lack thereof) for email, had a quote about the “P.T. Barnums of open source” – Mark ponders what P.T. Barnum aspect applies best here…
  • Mentioned Bitnami and Turn-key Linux which was a tech tip on episode 005


(@ 58:42″ in)

  • We got “please record” feedback (since we essentially took the summer “off”) – episode 15 was posted June 9 & 016 was posted Sept 30… Oops
  • “Not a drop of techno-babble nor legalease has been uttered on the airwaves of this fine podcast since, and this has caused insufferable pain to the plaintiff. . . As such it causes me great pain to inform you that I am now sulking like a spoilt brat that has had his mighty fine lollipop confiscated by his overbearing nanny.” signed “your number one fan”
  • Another wrote us and simply said, “If I buy you a couple growlers from Odd13 will you make another episode?” Yes, is the answer.
  • Open invite to the lab (once Mark cleans it up)

Nerd & Tell:

Boups the Beerman home-brew (@ 1:06:00′ in)
Saint Boups label

  • Boups tells us about his “real” beer brewing. He likes to make flavourful beers
  • Free and open beer recipes from Boups, if you want to know, just ask!
  • Boups’ shared his Chimay Grand Reserve clone and talked about the process, including some challenges that resulted in two beers: the “Boupenbelgie” and a farmhouse saison with some garden ingredients
  • It was bottled a month and half ago; Mark wants it to age for 4 years
  • There is a whole other vocabulary in this section that makes it feel like a tech tip…
  • Boups the Beermn’s tips to brewing: 1) have fun. 2) cleaning is essential. 3) enjoy your beer with friends.

Tech Tip:

FOSSology (teaser) (@ 1:23:00 in)

  • What is it/what does it do? license, copyright, license notices scanner
  • What license? GPLv2
  • Who might use it? anyone who needs to know more about the license info for a particular code base
  • Get it here! – 3.0 released

Beer (again):

4 Noses Brewing Company (@ 1:26:45 in)

  • Pump Action– Imperial Pumpkin Ale – 7.71% ABV 12 IBU – everyone loved it; pretty spicy, but not too spicy
  • .44 Magnum – Imperial IPA – 8.7% ABV 90 IBU
  • Proboscis Simcoe – American Pale Ale – 5.8% ABV 60 IBU
  • Glowing things to say, very refined beers from this new brewery
  • Mark is using UnTappd, find him at: TempFoot
  • Send us feedback on topics for us to blather on drunkenly about! (We need digital recorder to go on the road)
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