FOSS+beer 014: The Nerd Runs Deep

Robots, Drones, and Open Source – discussion inspired by Linux Collab Summit keynote by 3D Robotics CEO, Chris Anderson | Tech tip: muCommander & Fedora 21 | Mr./Ms. Beer home-brewing update | Vindication Brewing


Vindication Brewing
Vindication Brewing

  • Founded in 2011, located in Gunbarrel office park, just east of Boulder proper
  • Nice little taproom in an unlikely location that was happening – band and food truck – last Friday!
  • Another naming/trademark issue – had to change name to Vindication from Stone and Kettle
  • All natural, no chemicals; no yeast-on-steroids – see Brewtegrity for more information
  • Beer news: The 7 Beer Trends You Need to Know This Spring by Zagat – crowlers, marijuana beer, and… wastewater beer…


Robots, Drones, and Open Source (@ 14:30)

  • Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones keynote speech from Linux Collaboration Summit; discussing his thoughts on the future of drone technology and the role of Linux and open source.
  • Jilayne liked the way this talk touched upon hardware/software, export control, collaboration, weaponized lego, “American” dream entrepreneurial story, open innovation coming of age, digitizing the physical world, big data
  • Mark really liked the quality of images, pragmatic design, and story about turning it into a business
  • Boups’ Dad even has a drone and has been filming aerial videos of the Upper Pennisula of Michigan (a.k.a. “the UP”)
  • Boups has been hanging out at a Tinkermill (a maker-space in Longmont, CO) and saw a homemade drone there, which had all kinds of neat features
  • Evolution of the term, “drone” – from military application to civilian-flown quad-copters with cameras…
  • Next use-case: paparazzi? 4th Amendment issues? FAA has regulations for these things
  • Dronecode – new Linux Foundation collaborative project for a common, shared open source platform for UAVs
  • Software available under GPLv3, for the most part. Source code at
  • Another interesting part of presentation was the idea of collaborative platforms being a business model with models for engagement, variousincentives for contributions, different hiring model, etc.
  • Differentiation becomes an issue of economies of scale (production costs) and marketing (brand identity and valude)
  • Touches upon a previous topic of open hardware in Episode 002. Here’s a good refresher on open hardware licensing issues and nice guide on licensing and 3D printing from a copyright perspective

Feedback (and Follow-up):

(@ 44:30)

Nerd & Tell:

Mr./Ms. Beer (interim) Results (@ 1:02:40)
murky beer

  • In episode 012, we began our own brewing adventure with the Mr. Beer kits. We each added flavoring of our choice
  • Mark put in chilies and ginger and brown sugar
  • Boups put in wild blueberries and coconut and vanilla and brown sugar
  • Jilayne put in sage sprigs and brown sugar
  • The carbonation is not ready yet, the MAD lab has been too cold for carbonation to develope enough yet, so stay tuned!

Tech Tip:

 MuCommander and Fedora 21 (@ 1:14:10)

  • What is it/what does it do:  File manager and Linux Distro, respectively.
  • muCommander License: GPLv3
  • Who might use it:  Those that need flexible file management on SMB Shares (and are on MacOS)
  • What does Mark think of it:  Solved a problem.  Fedora is very spartan but works really well.
  • Although muCOmmander project seems to be on last-legs…

Beer (again):

Vindication Brewing (@ 1:24:45)

  • Billy Badass Brown IPA – 7.6% ABV
    • Everyone liked it!
  • Devil’s Helper Imperial Stout – 10.3% ABV
    • Mark thought this was “that’s boozy as fuck” is there a shot of bourbon in there? Boups agreed and called it “BIG.” A bit heavy for Jilayne
  • American Bold Ale – 7.5% ABV
    • Mark’s favorite, he could drink about 17 of these. Boups liked it too. Jilayne thought it was a bit hoppy.
  • Momentum IPA – 5.7 % ABV
    • Jilayne liked this, but might have been just be drunk on beer and allergy meds. Mark thought it was a “serviceable” IPA. Boups liked it too
  • Freedom Stout – 6.8% ABV
    • This was good too!
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