FOSS+beer 013: Get on with your coding bad self

FOSDEM 2015 event update | Open Source by Design – FOSDEM talk by Github | Tech tip: Odoo | Hacking the System TV show | J Wells Brewery


J Wells Brewery

  • Boups went to taproom recently – he got Girl Scout Cookies whilst there
  • Taproom and brewery is located off of Old Pearl, near the car dealerships and next door to Weissach Performance, open afternoons/evenings
  • Garage-based brewery, started in January 2013 by Jamie Wells, sole owner/beermaker
  • Specializes in IPAs, pale ales, and British bitters
  • Mark wants a tour
  • A bit of beer news: Growers Are Making Bank on This Green, Fragrant Bud. No, Not That One. The craft beer boom means that hops are in high demand
  • Upslope Brewing adds Montana to distribution footprint. 5th state to have distribution, along with: Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Wyoming.
  • Avery opened new facility this last week, doubled capacity. We covered them on Episode 005


FOSDEM 2015 (@ 11 min in)

  • Jilayne went to FOSDEM in Brussels; legal and policy track was one day this year
  • Lots of interesting talks, but wanted to pick one to talk about: Open Source by Design, by Julio Avalos, Github GC
  • Mark gives an overview of source code repositories and how they work
  • Jilayne explains what she refers to as, “the Github problem” = lots of code on a public repository with no or unclear licensing.
  • If no license, then Github Terms of Service – default license: if code in public repo, “you agree to allow others to view and fork” What does that mean? Regardless, if there’s no clear license, people (corporations) probably simply won’t use the code
  • Github, recogizing they are in a position to influence or encourage developers to have good licensing practices, took some efforts to help with this:
  • What else can Github do? In the talk, Julio shared some interesting results from research they did, e.g., more popular project had a higher probablity of including licensing information. Could use informtion on similar project licensing to make a suggestion, provide a default license (oh my!), etc.
  • More info was supposed to be posted, but none found as of recording… watch this space!!
  • Mark brought up the potential of providing even more: goverance templates for open source projects and so forth
  • Meanwhile, Boups discovers Source Forge… and wants to start a fist fight between Github and Source Forge
  • Mark can’t wait for the moveie, Chappie, to come out
  • Minor erratum – Bonitasoft does slightly limit the creation tools in their Community Edition, but Mark really meant Nuxeo Platform (and in full fairness, Nuxeo offers their proprietary Studio offering for free to FOSS projects).

Open Build Service Beer

Feedback (& Tweet-back!) :

(@ 40:59 min in)

  • Great tweet shout-out – yeah!! (you too, can get free beer promised to you!)
  • We have some OpenSUSE beer!  Huge thanks to our number one listener: Andy Wafaa for ensuring we had some beer to go with our beer mats/coasters – Open Build Service Beer
  • What do we think?
    • Jilayne loves it, goes well with pizza, goes down easily, I could drink a lot of this
    • Boups and Mark also enjoyed their couple tablespoon helping

Nerd & Tell:

Hacking the System (@ 50:14 min in)

  • Jilayne stumbled upon a new TV show during a late night TV watching stint that covered a challenge on personal security: how much can you dig up on someone?
  • This included a printer repairman heist to illustrate the lack of printer security
  • More references to the elusive or alleged episode 12.37… recorded by only some members of the cast

Tech Tip:

Odoo (@ 1:01:50 min in)

  • The project formerly known as TinyERP and OpenERP (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • What is it/what does it do?  Simple highly Extensible ERP, which includes CRM (Customer Resource Management) and all kinds of modules – but Mark is mostly playing with project management piece, but has tons of functionality and apps.
  • Easy to use, but can also pay for cloud-hosted version
  • License: AGPLv3… plus an very limited exception for “Private Use” (that doesn’t seem to make any sense)
  • Who might use it?  It can be used enterprise wide, but Mark is mostly looking at it for project management / legal workflows.
  • What does Mark think of it?  Super easy to get started with.  Grab a Bitnami VM, pair it with a Turnkey Etherpad VM and you are up and running very quickly.

J Wells

Beer (again):

J Wells Brewery (@ 1:18:30 min in)

  • Lisa Red Ale: Hoppy, malty, red ale featuring Citra hops.  6% ABV
    • Everyone loved it! And 10% of proceeds go to National Blood Clot Alliance
  • Hop Haze: Brewed with an absurd amount of hops, all late in the boil using a technique called “Hop Bursting”. 7 to 14 days Dry hopping further adds to the long citrus finish of this beer. 8.5% ABV 100+ IBU’s
    • Not as rave reviews here, hop monster, but not as good a beer as the Lisa
  • Chocolate Milk Stout: A lightly sweet, roasty, chocolaty stout with a rich creamy mouthful makes this the perfect balanced session beer. Made with J Wells’ own Stout Malt blended with American and British malts right here at the brewery.  5.0% 18 IBU’s
    • Jilayne actually likes it a bit, very smooth, but still has typical coffee taste, which she generally doesn’t like. Boups liked it, but wasn’t as milky chocolatey as he would have liked. Mark wishes he could brew this in his garage
  • Lights Out: Russian imperial stout.  Incredibly malty Russian Imperial Stout. The ultimate in British beer. Brewed the first snow of the year until spring the following year.  11% abv 45 IBU’s
    • Mark really wishes he could brew this one in his garage. Boups really likes it too.
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