FOSS+beer 012: Open Source Jedi

Odell Brewing | Guest: Jordan Hatcher, talking about open data | Mr. Beer kit | DosBox


Odell Brewing
MAD lab

  • Only Colorado beer Jordan could find in shop in Cambridge
  • Boups has been to brewery; Fort Collins has lots of breweries close together, good beer tour possibilities
  • Reference to the good old “open container law” in the US (beer peddling thingy)
  • Founded in 1989, Fort Collins, started by husband, wife, and husband’s sister in a 1915 converted grain elevator
  • Second microbrewery in Colorado; draft-only initially, added bottling in 1996
  • Interesting bits on website about sustainability, how the brewery is brewing in an environmentally conscious way


Open Data with guest, Jordan Hatcher (@ 11 min in)

  • Open data takes data in databases and applies same principles of open source software. There are IP rights in there, so using an open license helps reduce FUD. Different issue than privacy (or lack thereof)IP rights implicated in data: individual elements may or may not have protection; facts are generally not copyrightable, but may not just be facts that make up database, those elements could contain creative works protected by traditional IP rights
  • EU and some countries (but not the US) recognize IP-like protection in database under a “sweat of the brow” theory
  • E.g. Feist case in US that involved a phone book (no protection) versus a similar case in Australia that did find protection
  • Good example of open data would be maps, like Tiger, which other people can then build off of versus charging for access to that data
  • Mark brought up genomics and the Human Genome Project and the Ft. Lauderdale Agreement, not quite open data, but creating ability to share
  • Jordan was a founder of Open Data Commons, a project under the Open Knowledge Foundation which has a variety of projects from open Shakespeare datasets to open economics and also has an open definition
  • Open data can faciliate transparency and then/therefore accountability; example of making transparent data about who gets subsidies or aid funding
  • What about the intersection between open data and the right to be forgotten?
  • Driver for making open database license was Open Street Map
  • Open Data Commons has 3 licenses —> meant to fill gap from CC licenses for data

Odell Brewing

Beer (interlude):

(@ 1:12 in)

  • 5 Barrel Pale Ale : quite tasty, pretty hoppy for a pale ale. 5.2% ABV 36 IBUs
    • It’s an “entry craft beer.”
  • India Pale Ale: pretty hoppy, tasty, good for a hot day w/BBQ chicken. 7.0% ABV 60 IBUs

Nerd & Tell:

Mr. Beer kit (@ 1:17 in)

  • The first FOSS+beer challenge: each of us have a Mr. Beer brewing system, which Boups found on close-out for $8
  • Our mission: not to have wrecked beer
  • If we simply followed instructions, we’d all end up with same beer (theoretically) that is an American light lager. But our challenge is to add our own flavoring. We will have a blind taste test when the beer is ready on the show. Winner gets bragging rights.

Tech Tip:

DosBox (@ 1:27 in)

  • has retro PC games available, probably abandonware or stuff done with permission of authors… including Leisure Suit Larry (also mentioned in Episode 006
  • License: GPLv2
  • It’s an x86 Emulator, provide DOS runtime capabilities.
  • Who might use it? Anyone that wants to walk down memory lane holding hands with Bill Gates.  This probably means 99% nostalgic gamers, .9% cold case investigators, and .1% really really weird people.
  • What does Mark think of it? Brillz.  Plays old games on multiple platforms.  Good for dusting off those Warcraft 2 era CDs….

Beer (again):

Odell Brewing

  • 5 Barrel Pale Ale : discussed earlier
  • 90 Shilling : one of their first beers! 5.3% ABV 27 IBUs
    • It’s the beer Mark will grab instead of Fat Tire; the default Colorado ale. He loves it, less hoppy, but maltier
    • If you are throwing a party, go with a 90 Shilling keg – no one is excluded or unhappy, very versatile beer. very consistent
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