FOSS+beer 011: Man-tiques

12 Degree Brewing | GNU General Public License v2 | Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones | UltraVNC

12 Degree


12 Degree Brewing

  • Opened in June 2013 – “an artisanal, Belgian-inspired brewery located in the heart of Old Town Louisville, Colorado.”
  • Minimal website, but does have menu for food on hand; also minimal info on Facebook page, so we had to go down there to check it out…(for the record, Boups was prepared to record post-mission)
  • Distribution: none, only available in taproom. No plans to do otherwise – true local neighborhood brewpub
  • Also have concert film series on projector and big screen
  • The story behind the name: Belgian brewers measured fermentable sugar content (or gravity) of beers as expressed in “Belgian brewing degrees” – often name beers based on where they fell on scale. Twelve Degree takes name from a pilot batch of quadruple which happened to be a 12 degree beer on the scale (which is very high)
  • Brewpub is nice, quaint – fits in well with neighbors, which include vinyl store and “man-tiques” store; recommend for a stop on the Boulder County beer tour


GNU General Public License v2 – a complete look (@ 12′ in)

  • GPLv1 – written in 1989 ; GPLv2 written in 1991 by Richard Stallman – considered (by some calculations) to be most widely used free software license;
    considered the free software bible or constitution
  • “copyleft is a concept; GPLv2 is an implementation” (RMS quote)
  • Boups (did homework) read GPLv2 and gives us his “first impression” – he thought is was pretty straight forward, trying to protect authors and create a community (you’ll have to listen to hear the rest!!)
  • Discussed the preamble (is it part of the license?); acceptance and consideration; and patents in section 7
  • Went through a couple scenarios- what if Boups wrote some software; Acme takes it and wants to modify and close-source it? There are examples of previously open source s/w that have gone closed source
  • Check out two new compliance guides provided by Software Freedom Law Center and Software Freedom Conservancy which provide a good guide for software best practices (not just open source). Dear Lawyers: learn how to counsel your software developers
  • We realized we could do a few shows on this license and its companions…


(@ 53′ in)

  • Google’s ODF support launches ahead of schedule. Going back to Tech Tip from Episode 002 about Libre Office

Nerd & Tell:

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose noise cancelling headphones

    • Mark has a nerdy thing that is not tech-y: a Starship Enterprise beer opener

Starship beer opener

Tech Tip:

UltraVNC (@ 1:11 in)

  • License: GPLv2 (of couse)
  • It’s a VNC corss-platform implementation: Virtual Network Computing – ability to view and control a computer from somewhere else.
  • Super useful if you are providing tech support. Can tunnel through other protocols, but probably not super useful to help Grandma with her computer.
  • Can also use it to transfer files from one computer to another (in your house or otherwise)
  • Useful for supporting a small team on same corporate network at remote locations and want to team-edit a document, etc. or need to change or configure a computer or install software or you have lots of computers and household w/kids

Beer (again):

12 Degree Brewing

  • Velour Fog: The pilot beer for which the brewery was named. Quadrupel. 11% ABV
    • JL: yum!! warm and smooth
    • Mark: the word left off was, “boozy” – loved it, 5 stars
    • Boups: nice, like it, it’s a high-alcohol beer, but likes the Midnight Fog better, b/c a bit bigger beer, a bit darker.
  • 12-13-14: Collaboration with Odd 13 Brewing in Lafayette, which we reviewed in Episode 003. Available in some local stores also. Strong Belgian sour, with pale color. 8% ABV
    • JL: a bit more acidic (in comparison)
    • Mark: a “beginner’s sour”
    • Boups: meh
  • Walter’s White: Belgian white, brewed with coriander and orange peel. 5.7% ABV
    • JL: yummy-yum-yum. light and easy to drink, with a bit of a Belgian twist (taste of coriander??)
    • Mark: so drinkable, nice amount of coriander, saison-ish, a bit of a warm weather beer
    • Boups: you could make a candy, i love it.
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