FOSS+Beer 009 First Guest

Oskar Blues | Guest: Guy Martin, Senior Open Source Strategist at Samsung | Galaxy Note 4 Edge | FreePlane Mind mapping software


Oskar Blues

  • Restaurant first opened in Lyons, Colorado in 1997; started brewing beer there in 1998; In 2002, Oskar Blues becomes the first US craft brewer to can its own beer with flagship Dale’s Pale Ale
  • Steady increases in production facilities over the years is dizzying; they also have more restaurants than one can count!
  • Has wide distribution across the US
  • They have introduced a carry and go canning option, Crowlers
  • AND!!! they make bikes!!!
  • Oskar Blues launched non-profit in Sept 2013: The Can’d Aid Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization developed to help flood victims in Colorado, but with bigger long-term aid plans


Special Guest: Guy Martin, Senior Open Source Strategist at Samsung

  • Guy is also an amatuer radio enthusiast and Calfire volunteer
  • Discussed the use of blending of old and new technology in emergency response scenarios
  • Hey, let’s talk about open source (32 minutes into the show)!!
  • Guy is part of the Open Source Group at Samsung: goal of the group is to bring more open source software in and contribute more open source on behalf of Samsung. Consuming is great, but companies still struggle with contributing
  • Developers contribute to open source and help other groups bring in more open source and… they are hiring (see Twitter!)
  • Focus on about 23 ore products, kernel, GStreamer, WebKit, some virtualization work (QEMU and KVM)
  • Samsung was one of companies sued in 2009 SFLC compliance suit: discussed how have things evolved since then, from defendant to poster child for compliance
  • Compliance side of the house located at but also working on open source web presence otherwise
  • Presence in open source communities has been a good recruiting tool
  • Discussed the exFAT situation: driver from a 3rd party who had pulled in open source code from kernel; Samsung ran compliance process, but didn’t flag out. Got involved early, had a strategy for talking to the press, and dealt with it expedituously
  • Plug for PogoPlug and back to discussion of Boups’ modern jukebox project
  • Disney diversion: World v. Land? (Even Disney uses a lot of open source!!)
  • Back to the exFAT issue: Wired had a pretty bad article, but SFC provided an explanation of the actual resolution


Galaxy Note 4 Edge (and other goodies from Samsung)

  • Guy’s favorite nerdy thing: Amiga 1200
  • Mark had a nerd-n-wish item: Galaxy Note 4 Edge
  • Curved screen edge: is it a gimmick, a really sexy gimmick or useful? Really just the beginning of the curved displays
  • Mark likes his Pebble too; different color notification lights are nice!
  • Might want to check out the Simband coming from Samsung using open source h/w reference and implementation – Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions, or SAMI. Check out the video
  • Also a nerd-n-want for Mark: the Galaxy Tab S, Guy describes as the “perfect form factor”

BEER (interlude):


  • Dale’s Pale Ale: a huge voluminously mutha of a pale ale and America’s first craft-canned mountain pale. Released in 2002; 6.5% ABV
  • It’s what Guy is drinking: 2 thumbs up, not prepared to like a hoppy beer, but good!
  • Gotta love the can (if you don’t/can’t have a proper stemmed glass)



  • Wal-Mart gets into open source by backing the Hapi project – a Node.js framework
  • Boups is wants a music section, and to check out Ghost BC, a Swedish satanic band who dress in hooded robes (that Marks think is “delightfully poppy”)


FreePlane Mind mapping software

  • License: GPL-2.0
  • Mind-mapping, good tool for mapping, fork of Freemind by one of the Freemind developers to add more features, Java-based project. Maintained and extended by a small enthusiast community
  • Available for all platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux – uses Java environment
  • Great for when you have lots of ideas you need to organize; very visual; falls into tools-useful-on-your-individual-desktop category
  • Can be used w/cloud-based hosting or implement via browser, but not really a simultaneous collaboration tool (only one person can work on it at a time)

BEER (again):

Old Chub & G’Night

  • Jilayne saw Dale’s Pale Ale in a restaurant in Cambridge, England! Mark and Boups debate the value of British beers
  • Old Chub (nitro) – Scottish strong ale. Comes in tall boy cans w/nitrogen capsule (like Guiness). Regular CO2 version 6-packs have 6.2% ABV, nitros have 8.0% ABV
    • Old Chub won GOLD at the 2008 World Beer Championship
    • Mark tells a “back-in-the-day-when-I-was-a-lad” story about Scotch Ale
    • Discussion about nitro versus CO2 beers; Oskar Blues first American brewery to implement nitro-canned beers
  • G’night – dry-hopped imperial red IPA. This was the second beer from Oskar Blues, released in 2004. It was originally called Gordan Ale (name change due to another trademark/naming issue in the brewing world). 8.7% ABV
    • Very hoppy red. Tribute to Colorado craft beer pioneer, Gordan Knight
    • Boups likes all the Oskar Blues beers
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