FOSS+Beer 008: Chaw, Insects, and Sewage

BRU Handbuilt Ales | Various event reports | OSI license review: BSD License | KeePass Password Safe

the taps at BRU

the taps at BRU


BRU handbuilt ales

  • Boulder brewery and restaurant on East Arapahoe in Boulder
  • Started by chef, Ian Clark, who previously spent time in various well-known kitchens around Boulder such as: Q’s, Jax Fish House, Rhumba, and then Centro
  • A couple of your co-hosts (but not all 3 due to a ticketing-purchasing fail…) got to meet Ian at the Boulder Craft Beer Festival recently
  • Fantastic beer, fantastic food in a very cool setting (although slightly out-of-the-way location)
  • You can get a limited number of their beers in bombers in stores around Boulder County and the front range
  • Just celebrated their 2 year anniversary


Events, events, events!!

  • Mark went to the SIM Shark Tank held at incubator space, Galvanize in Denver
    • Galvanize has shared works spaces you can rent, from a seat to a desk, to suites
    • Entrepreneurs present in front of investors – like a local version of the national TV show, which Mark had to explain to Jilayne because she is TV illiterate
    • Vote via a smartphone app, allocating $1m to various projects as you see fit
    • One notable: an open source pitch called Slam Data (they got 2nd)
    • Mark also liked set of info systems for rental companies: IoT type of thing for property owners
    • Cafe attached to Galvanzie called Gather; had some close-out bombers, so Mark tried some beers
  • Boups tells a story about trying chew at a baseball game and puking his guts out, which landed him in the handicap section.
  • Jilayne went to LinuxCon North America in Chicago; Boups came along for the ride…
    Fun at the Museum of Science and Industry

    Fun at the Museum of Science and Industry

  • Boups and Jilayne went to the inaugural Boulder Craft Beer Festival (someone else failed to buy his ticket in advance…)
    • It was Saturday Aug 23rd, noon to 5pm in downtown Boulder, $30 a ticket. Each brewery had its own tent
    • You had to wait in (a long) line for beer, 🙁 but once had first beer, it was fine. Usually at beer festivals, have volunteers; this festival had employees pouring beer – maybe needed more bodies pouring beer?
    • Great beers and food trucks, also had a couple bands and games
    • Awesome valet bike parking, provided by B-Cycle
    • Boups was a little disappointed that most of breweries brought their main pours, we can get that anytime!
  • The whole team attended Silicon Flatirons Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Kim Jordan, CEO and Co-Founder of New Belgium Brewing Company
    • Discussed New Belgium’s status as a B-corp: a benefit corporation allows a company to pursue ends other than just the traditional corporation goals, i.e. traditional c-corp would have to do things that New Belgium didn’t have to do, in terms of what makes the most $$$ – don’t face same litigation threat from shareholders claiming didn’t do best for profit. Some states have it, some states have outright rejected bills to create it.
    • “using profits for life enrichment, yours and others” and “practices make a splash; talking about it makes ripples” – opportunist v. philanthropist view?





  • One listener likes our eclectic approach and thinks the show is very entertaining, but was concerned about our comments about not having many listeners: thanks! we actually haven’t delved too deeply into stats on listeners and downloads, etc. but in any case, we’re not going anywhere; we enjoy it, are self-funded, and don’t even try to get free beer (as in free beer) so we can remain unbiased in our beer “reviews”
  • A professor who teaches a media law class says she’s going to use our podcasts for her class.
  • Another professor asked what would be an interesting starter topic for introducting students to FOSS legal issues, for undergrads who are not familiar with IP issues: any person can benefit from the basics of copyright! Please teach people what fair use is and what it isn’t (and public domain). Check out this copyright primer. Jilayne has some slides she did for a copyright law school class – contact her if you want them
  • We also had a request to talk more about open hardware issues: that should be easy to accomodate, see Epsiode 002 in the meantime, if you haven’t already
  • A question about legal citations and the ability to access do legal research online: there are 2 commercial platforms (shepherds and key cite) – is there a FOSS solution for this? – short answer: no.


BSD License

  • We introduced this section in Episode 006 as per a listener’s request and discussed what if there is no license at all
  • Discussed the background of this license and its variations



More upgrades on the Boupenberg

  • The Boupenberg is a big-ass RV that shows up at local bike races
  • LED lights: Boups recommends high # of RBGs, and don’t get dimmables, such as these
  • Need connectivity, hot-spotting from phone wasn’t working consistently, so got FreedomPop Mifi 4082, a 4G/3G hotspot, can connect up to 8 devices
  • Perhaps another future podcast topic might be tech tips for travel…


KeePass Password Safe

  • License: GPL-2.0
  • Desktop password manager, can also generate passwords for you. Stores data file on DropBox (is that secure?). Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithm to encrypt its password databases.
  • Features include: data export and import; grouping, search, strong pwd creation, autofiller, plugin architecture, 30 languages
  • Requires either .net or Mono – an open source implementation of .Net for Mac, Windows or Linux. Packages with all dependencies for all many major distros (b/c Mark works on all of the above…) plus iOS and Android phones. Some tweaking to get it to work across different platforms. Framework different for each computer, but if enter new pwd, available on all machines.
  • Mark has 317 passwords stored.
  • Importance of open source for security solutions – ability to audit encryption algorithms.

BEER (again):


  • Did we try all of BRU’s beers? Not quite, but seemed like it and they were ALL good!! There are more beers available on tap at BRU, go check it out, if you live in the area (and we feel bad for those who don’t).
  • 5290 Saison: tangerine saison, w/Westmalle trappist yeast, YUM! 6.9% ABV – available on tap
  • Second Anniversary Imperial Saison: brewed with kaffir lime, aged for 2 months. 10.7% ABV – limited availabity, 22oz bombers w/wax top
  • Belux Belgian Pale Ale: with lemongrass and black pepper, 5.6% ABV – available on tap and in 22oz bombers
  • Obitus American Brown Ale: with dates and carmelized sugar, 7.6% ABV – available on tap and in 22oz bombers
  • Beezel Belgian Style Golden Ale: with honey, black pepper, and bitter orange peel, 9.3% ABV – available on tap and in 22oz bombers
  • Citrum IPA: with fresh lemon zest and juniper, has lots of grapefruit (and lemon zest), does not attempt to mask with strong flavor, 7.2% ABV – available on tap and in 22oz bombers
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