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Left Hand Brewing

  • Started in 1993, first called Indian Peaks Brewing Company, but legal name conflict caused them to change name to Left Hand Brewery to honor Chief Niwot’s tribe which wintered in Left Hand Canyon
  • Niwot is southern Arapaho word for left hand
  • In October of first year open, Left Hand earned a Gold Medal in the Bitter Category for Sawtooth Ale, and a Bronze Medal in the Robust Porter Category for Black Jack Porter at the Great American Beer Festival. All told, Left Hand has racked up 21 medals at the Great American Beer Festival, 9 World Beer Cup awards, and 6 European Beer Star Awards
  • Who’s heard of the World Beer Cup? Let’s look that up on the ‘ol Google machine…


To CLA or not to CLA



  • We are only counting listeners who provide feedback, so we’re up to a handful…
  • Interesting tidbit about Leisure Suit Larry from John Miller, who’s “friends” in middle school who got old copies had to answer questions that an American of 21-year-olds, 5 years ago would know the answer to



  • Mark’s been listening to Security Now podcast from Twit network
  • LED light bulbs… and security issues: hard-wired encryption key, allowed access to SSID and pwd for entire house ==> could then own network
  • TrueCrypt: reliable OSS project for encryption of various kinds, mainly for files or whole volume encryption (i.e. whole drive) – some odd stuff going on with this project
  • The Open Crypto Audit Project (OCAP), a community initiative that was in the process of analyzing the security of TrueCrypt when its development was discontinued, set up a repository this week with verified builds and source code for TrueCrypt 7.1a, the last version of the software to include encryption.
  • Boups mention of Daemon by Daniel Suarez… (second Boups conspiracy theory moment) and 5-yr-old hack
  • BoringSSL – an OpenSSL fork by Google
  • BEER NEWS! Hops shortage? price rising!! maybe we should back off from the IPAs? From WSJ article: In 2004, a pound of the grain cost $1.88. Last year: $3.59. It may be headed for $10 as a shortage hits the beer industry.
  • Boups cited a park in Colorado Springs that has hops growing from wind blowing off trucks – 5 yrs to get full production
  • Massive confluence of nerdness: An open source app (iOS)…for D&D Dungeonmasters

<< weather break while Mark overcomes his post-Triple Bypass hobble to shut windows and we gawk at cars driving down flooded roads >>


  • Cambridge Wireless – “Where’s the Money in Open Source”
  • As open source software moves up the stack, could the free software ideology be realized by making proprietary software largely obsolete?


It’s a box!

    • Mark likes shoving computers in other containers that are not made for computers

Mark's box
it's empty!



  • License: GPLv2
  • Desktop publishing app: Mark’s test was a 45 page document (an application for a reward)
  • Full-featured open source alternative, but steep learning curve (but learning curve is steep on desktop publishing regardless)
  • Great if you want control over every aspect – color bleed, print output, etc.
  • Community support is great (found answers to all questions online)
  • User interface a little “Linux-y” – worked on Windows

The Stranger

BEER (again):

Left Hand Brewing: The Stranger

  • The Stranger is a pale ale on the healthy list of Left Hand’s perennial beers. This sessionable pale ale includes some citrus hop notes and a spicy rye undertone. The Stranger comes in 6-packs or kegs in many states and elsewhere!
  • (we are drinking “just” one beer tonight…)
  • Mark thinks it’s a very drinkable, good summer beer
  • Boups is a big fan of left Hand – especially the Milk Stout (Mark likes this in the winter); Sawtooth also a big favorite – go anywhere beer- as for The Stranger, Boups calls it a “normal, drinkable beer” but has higher expectations
  • Jilayne likes it too, but a wee bit hoppy; but not so hoppy that you can’t drink it
  • very sessionable (you can drink a lot in the hot weather) maybe needs to be colder than the MAD lab
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