FOSS+Beer 006: Silver Suit of Honor

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Sanitas BrewingSanitas Brewing tap room

    • Opened just last year (spring 2013) in Boulder. A spacious tap-room with a combination of community tables or bar seating spills out onto an expansive deck area on a sunny day (which we have plenty of here in Colorado). There’s also a private room for smaller parties or events.
    • McDevitt Taco Supply provided meatier sustenance when we were there.
    • 3 founders – 2 from Boulder Beer, Oskar Blues; one from Wisconsin (UW, Madison)
    • currently has two of their beers available in cans at local stores: Saison and Black IPA. The tap room features a larger selection of rotating beers that is well worth checking out.

Sanitas Brewing


Open Source Game News



  • FAIF is recording again – leading with a good analysis of Oracle v. Google opinion – check it out


Cambridge Beer FestivalopenSuse beer mats

  • +Beer event put on by CAMRA
  • Real ale = beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed; top fermentation (strains of yeast that rise to top of fermenting vessel); primary fermentation at 22 C (71.6 F) then slow secondary fermentation at 11-14 C
  • All beers at festival served straight from casks using gravity for the pour


No license at all

  • First let’s talk about why use a license at all (and, then an OSI license specifically)
  • There is confusion by developers/engineers regarding what no license means; have heard incorrect use of “public domain” “fair use,” which are legal terms of art with specific legal meaning
  • How copyright protection works: default protection at the time of creation; unless you grant a license, then it’s “all rights reserved” – no one has permission
  • Common misunderstanding is that no license = I can use it: this is wrong!
  • Also, the practical reality is that if there is no license – people won’t use it
  • You want to use a license, and you want to be clear about what license you are using
  • The advantage of OSI licenses: wildly known and understood, vetted to meet Open Source Definition
  • I am a lawyer but not your lawyer; not legal advice, but a recommendation. A good resource on copyright law for developers is the IFOSS Law Review article, Copyright in Open Source Software – Understanding the Boundaries



  • Licenses are: GPLv2 for core.
  • PUEL personal and educational license for extensions which install in guest OS and add features for virtualization.

BEER (again):

Sanitas BrewingSanitas Brewing

  • Train 5 – Pale Ale w/ bread malts & honeydew notes from New Zealand grown hops; Sanitas’ Train Beers are a rotating series of session beers. On special whenever a train goes by; 5.1 % ABV
  • Everyone loves this! great on a summer day after a ride… like today for a thirst-quenching, post-workout drink; great flaovr – there’s a fruit group in there
  • Saison – Farmhouse saison in the classic style; Denver Westword’s “20 Best Beers of 2013”; 5.8% ABV; available in cans in Boulder County;
  • Jilayne trends on liking the Saisons and this is no exception; Boups points out it has a lot of character; Mark- usually not a Saison fan, really likes it, it hit all the notes, very drinkable
  • Black IPA – dark, medium-bodied; grapefruit and pine flavors, finishing with a mild chocolate/coffee flavor; 6.5% ABV; the other beer available in cans.
  • A bit strong for Jilayne – smells a bit too much like coffee; Boups likes it, but not favorite; has an earthiness and hoppy, but least favorite of the bunch; Mark loves coffee… liken’ the hybrid IPA…, sort of like a stout IPA, not as good as other two
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