FOSS+Beer 005: Retro-nerd

Avery Brewery | Software Package Data Exchange | Ouku in-dash touch screen | BitNami & Turn-key Linux


Avery Brewery

  • Avery Brewery opened in Boulder, Colorado in 1993 and seems to grow exponentially every year.
  • Avery is known for brewing strong beers: both in terms of hops and alcohol. The number of different brews this brewery turns out is dizzying.
  • Has much wider distribution than our last few beers and breweries; good beers available farther than Colorado
  • The taproom in Boulder is a bit hard to find, but great to be there, always crowded, can do a tour
  • Avery has been really involved in community, sponsoring cycling, running events, etc.
  • They have various festivals – Boups mentioned the strong ale fest; Mark went to their first IPA fest
  • Avery has broken ground on a new facility that is said to be 100,000 sq ft, including a 249-seat restaurant!
  • (Boups has been wearing his Avery hat all day)
  • The year-round ales that are widely available in 6-packs include such favorites as the India Pale Ale, White Rascal, Ellie’s Brown Ale, and the GABF gold-medal winning Out of Bounds Stout. But, for this episode, we went for a few of the specialty brews, with representatives from the Holy Trinity, Dictator, and Demon series…


Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX)

  • The Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX®) specification is a standard format for communicating the components, licenses and copyrights associated with a software package.
  • It’s a workgroup organized under the Linux Foundation; there are three teams: a tech team, business team, and legal team. Jilayne co-leads the legal team
  • Jilayne also explained the SPDX License List
  • Mark thinks this could have use beyond software


via email

  • Request to talk about SPDX as a topic (check!)
  • Request to discuss/explain a license from the OSI-approved list each episode; we’ll try to add that as of the next one!
  • Beer mats (those are called “coasters” in American) from openSUSE are on the way, although we would have liked to have tried an Old Toad (the recipe for which, of course, is “open,” if we can only find someone to translate…)
  • (have yet to get a comment via the website that doesn’t hint of spam… Tweet us, email us, or leave a legitmate comment!!)


Ouku in-dash touch screen

  • Boups talking about trying to add a bit of modern technology to his 1999 RV…the RV (itself) is actually “retro-nerd”
  • Installed an after-market in-dash, 7″ touch screen with DVD player, AM/FM, Bluetooth, SD and USB input, and rear-view camera
  • Working but yet to be fully road-tested


Packaged VM providers (BitNami, Turn-key Linux)

  • Strive to provide close-to-production ready vm preinstalled with various applications
  • Downloadable vms to test server apps or dev environments
  • Raspberry Pi way too under powered to serve as host for VMs
  • BitNami – Ubuntu – based
  • Turn-key Linux – Debian based
  • Use-case? to try out OSS servce-based systems – easiest to grab someone else’s virtual box…
  • Mark’s been playing with process-maker
  • How is this different than Boups’ playing with these online … b/c pay for commercial hosting, this way, you can try a local instance of them
  • All server-installs, smaller than a desk-top install
  • hypervisor = system for managing virtual machines
  • 6 diff CRM systems on Bitnami
  • Useful to download and try it so you can see if software package does what you want it to do

BEER (again):

Avery Brewery
Avery Brewery

  • Collaboration not Litigation Ale – check out the story about how this Belgian-style Ale got it’s name, appropriate in several ways!
  • Samael’s – Oak-aged, English-style ale with lots of carmel and butterscotch flavor. At a whopping 14.2% ABV, it is available in the spring in 12oz bottles that can be cellared for up to 10 years. Part of the Demon Ale series.
  • diametric opposite of a session beer – to get yeast to shit out that much alcohol you have to feed it a lot of sugar
  • Salvation – Belgian golden ale at 9.0% ABV; light but BIG. available year-round in 22oz bombers. One of the Holy Trinity series.
  • heavier in hops than the Collaboration, very “Boulder” and delicious!
  • Maharaja – Imperial IPA, very hoppy and strong (surprise!) at 10-12% ABV. Part of the Dictator Series released in January in 22oz bombers.
  • pinnacle of achieving balance in an insanely hoppy IPA
  • did we really taste 4 beers this episode… and all at about 9% ABV or more…
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