FOSS+Beer 004: Pulling the Same Oar

Big Choice Brewing | What is collaboration? | Northgate Omnikey PLUS | Open Source Law Tools


Big ChoiceBig Choice Brewing

  • Doing things a bit different today – we’ll talk about which beers we are drinking and how we like them at the end
  • Big Choice Brewing opened in Broomfield, Colorado in 2012; a 4-years in the making and long-time dream of a couple of friends.
  • The brewery features five year-round beers (of which we tried three) and seasonal beers on tap.
  • Their beers are available throughout the Boulder-Denver area. Stop by their two-level tasting room in Broomfield for some foosball, classic punk, or just to chat and drink beer!
  • Website includes punk rock cover art; they were playing the music of Mark’s youth when he visited
  • Named after an album by the owners’ favorite band, Face to Face


What is Collaboration?

  • Jilayne just got back from the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Napa, CA
  • Big topic of discussion was the results of a the recently completed, Collaborative Development Trends Report
  • Interesting aspect is here we are talking about collaboration amongst competitors (on an open source project), which by traditional thinking brings up issues of anti-competitive behavior
  • Project handled in an open way and work focused on technical aspects “beats” anti-competitive concern
  • Collaboration on major projects as representing as major shift that a companies valuable IP could exist in the commons
  • Pseudo-news section discussing the recent Mozilla CEO appointment and collusion among the techtopus
  • Hurdles to collaboration? smugness… (as defined by Bike Snob NYC in The Enlightened Cyclist)


Northgate Omnikey PLUSNorthgate Omnikey PLUS

  • It’s a keyboard!! (you can play it like a key-tar…)
  • It’s a click-y keyboard with cherry-clicked, mechanical keys
  • Cherry started production keyboards in 1957; Mx series introduced in 1987
  • Tactile click and weighted keys
  • Color switches (underneath)
  • Renaissance for these things… (why?) gamers like them.  Now they manufacture gaming specific ones


Open Source Law Tools

  • Mark’s own project!! a collection of OSS projects for lawyers
  • Started as a wish list by lawyers (Mark) from years of his experience using various commercial law tools and the expense of that which led to thought that with so much stuff going on in OSS, there has to be something that works even if not dedicated specific to law tools
  • Goal is to create stack of great existing projects and setup to be useful for lawyers – doc management, contract work flows, e-discovery (big cash cow)…
  • Mark is driving the project; leveraging the communities and collaboration of the included projects: “standing on the shoulders of giants” – Mark has the legal user knowledge to customize an otherwise generic platform for legal users
  • Licensed under Affero GPLv3 for the code and CC-BY-SA for content
  • See the site for posts about other tools and hints and tips!

Note: Boups the Beerman earns 3 Nerd Alerts during this episode!!
Big Choice taproom

BEER (again)

Big Choice Brewing

  • We tried 3 beers from Big Choice Brewing
  • Hemlock Double IPA: this was a “back-up beer” from previous episode; ABV 9.5%
  • Not too hoppy, growler batch seem sweeter than cans
  • Boups and Mark love it! Jilayne even likes it and she doesn’t usually like IPAs
  • 10,000 Summers Saison: brewed with honey, has good body; ABV 5.1%
  • Three thumbs up for this one too
  • #42 Poblano Stout: it’s not a chile beer, its a stout that has been hopped using de-seeded poblano peppers
  • Mark’s a chile guy and likes it, just subtle enough to be different
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