FOSS+Beer 003: Sing a Song of FOSDEM

Odd13 Brewing  |  FOSDEM 2014  |  Samsung Galaxy Note 3  |  Alfresco


Odd13 Brewing
Odd13 Brewing

  • Odd13 Brewing opened its doors in August 2013. A small brewery that is part of the revitalization of Lafayette, on east Simpson
  • Each beer is its own character complete with background story and comic-like personification, as well as membership to a larger group: the mainstays who make up “The “Odd Squad”; the villains of “The Legion of Odd”; and guests appearances by “The Sidekicks.”
  • On our reconnaissance mission, we asked the bartender about distribution and growth plans – Eric the Red first, and Doctor Cougar to be available elsewhere soon!
  • Eric the Red, a Viking superhero in the form of a hoppy, red IPA at 7.1% ABV (ooh!)
  • Boups think it’s a “sweat beer”; Mark thinks it reminds him of Oskar Blues G’Night
  • Doctor Cougar, a surgeon-by-day and were-cougar-by-night. A Petite Saison at 5.3% ABV
  • Tastes Belgian; tasting wheaty, banana, coriander flavors




  • Our first “event report”! – woo-hoo!
  • FOSDEM stands for Free Software Developer’s European Meeting – the largest meeting of free software folks ever
  • Began in 2000, first started having a legal track 3 years ago
  • Completely volunteer run, completely cool and impressive 2 day, weekend event
  • You can find video recordings of all the legal talks here
  • Since Mark couldn’t come, Jilayne brought him back a t-shirt (everyone say, “awwww”)
  • 2015 – FOSS+beer at FOSDEM!!


Hey, look! We have a new section!


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • Jilayne’s only smartphone experience is an iPhone 4 (she’s cheap like that); using an Android phone now… interesting comparison
  • It’s huge!!!!! is it a “phablet” or a “teletablet”
  • Is bigger better for a phone? Boups want a phone the size of a 5th generation iPad Nano
  • The functionality on this device is never-ending
  • The S-pen is cool, but no one’s handwriting is as good as the video demonstrations
  • Will Jilayne leave iOS for her personal phone? TBD…



  • Enterprise open source document management system at its heart with a strong community; founded in 2005
  • Intended to be an OSS competitor to proprietary systems
  • License options: commercial license for cloud offering and more enabled enterprise piece; or GPL
  • Makes $$ on “complexity model” – a few aspects supported on enterprise version that not supported on OSS version
  • stores stuff, i.e. documents, and then web apps that run on top
  • imap server and file server to file shares; getting email in and out – sets Alfresco apart
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