FOSS+Beer 002: Tapped Out

Great Divide  |  Boulder Beer  |  Open (source) hardware (licenses)  |  Pebble watch



Great Divide & Boulder Beer

  • The Lasso is a new beer from acclaimed Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver in celebration of its 20th anniversary this year.
  • A slight departure from Great Divide’s usual full-bodied beers, the Lasso is a drinkable IPA with a 5% ABV. It will be part of the regular line-up.
  • Pair it with BBQ beef brisket, pork green chili, baked beans, a medium cheddar cheese, thin-sliced salami, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, or… just drink it on its own.
  • Boulder Beer created this specialty beer in honor of cyclocross national championships being in Boulder, January 8-12, 2014.
  • A Belgian trippel, the Heckler packs some punch in 16 ounce cans at 8.5% ABV.
  • Named for the raucous fans Heckleroften found lining the course at cyclocross races, this beer is a more of a slow-drinker. Get it while it lasts!
  • Check out this video to learn more about cyclocross and why (like FOSS) it goes well with beer.



Open (Source) Hardware (License)


Pebble watchPebble watch

  • Mark has a new Pebble watch (but not the steel one…)
  • Started as a very successful Kickstarter campaign


Libre Office

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